There are many Situations exist where current conventional treatments including surgery have not worked very well and biological treatment has proved to be very promising.

How it works

1.Therapeutic Angiogenesis:

Necessary for delivery of nutrients & oxygen required for Regeneration.

2.Tissue Rejuvenation:

Growth factors secreted by cells Modulate the LocoregionalMilieun

Promote self-repair of residing tissue cells

Activate the dormant local regenerative cells of damaged tissue.


These cells are themselves a rich source of progenitor cells

Differentiate in bone or cartilage under optimum conditions

How it is done

Patients are evaluated clinically, radio logically by XRAY, CT or MRI scans

Patients advised to strictly avoid smoking, drug or alcohol consumption and have a positive life style

As a day care procedure 120 ml of Bone marrow and 100 ml of fat is aspirated and processed for stem cells isolation. 2 ml of stem cells processed as per GMP is injected directly 

The procedure is very simple as Intraarticular or Intralesional administration of cells can be done to target site directly under ultrasound guided or C-ARM fluoroscopic control easily.

What to expect




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