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The hymen is a membrane that partially closes the vaginal opening, and is believed by most scientists to have no known anatomical function, but is simply a remnant from the development of the foetus into a girl in the womb.

Although the hymen can be easily broken in early youth as a result of sporting activities or tampon use, it is traditionally associated with a sign of virginity, and consequently is considered to break and bleed on the first experience of penetrative sexual intercourse. It has been proven over and over again that this may or may not happen.

Many a times girls a lot regret their previous sex life and opt to regain their virginity A wedding prep:

How It Is Done

Hymen approximation can be performed by approximating the free borders of the remnants, using fine, absorbable sutures or thru PRP fibril gel.

Girls walk into a clinic, get their hymen repaired and walk out in half an hour flat. It’s painless, performed under local anaesthesia. Twilight sedation and local numbing are used to make this a pain free procedure.

The procedure may be accompanied by incorporation of a gelatin capsule containing a blood-like substance that breaks to simulate post-coital bleeding.

What To Expect

We could follow only 50% of the women who had the procedure after the wedding night, and all reported a satisfactory outcome