Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine which combines modern medicine with traditional practices. The main objective/ focus of naturopathy is to utilise the ability of our body to self-heal.

Naturopathy is an eclectic and holistic alternative medical system that concentrates more on natural medications and the body's vital ability to cure and uphold itself.

Treatment in Naturopathy is based on the concept of Panchamahabhutas – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether which form the basic constituents of the body. These elements are used to revitalize and rejuvenate the body and strengthen the immune system against disease-causing agents in and around us.

Techniques and Benefits of Different Modalities of Naturopathy

  • Diet Therapy.
  • Fasting Therapy.
  • Mud Therapy.
  • Hydrotherapy.
  • Massage Therapy.
  • Acupressure.
  • Acupuncture.

Naturopathy aims at 3 levels of intervention i.e., PREVENTIVE, PROMOTIVE and CURATIVE aspects of health with a view to prevent and cure diseases by removing their root cause and to promote and preserve the ideal of positive health.

Naturopathy uses a series of principles and beliefs to create individual treatment plans.

These principles and beliefs are:
-Self-healing: Identifying and removing obstacles to recovery, allows for natural healing.
-Underlying symptoms: Rather than stopping symptoms, a naturopathic doctor can resolve underlying physical or mental issues by treating the body, mind, and spirit.
-Harmless treatment: Treatment plans should not have harmful side effects or control symptoms negatively.
-Holistic treatment: to treat all aspects of a person’s health effectively.
Education in treatment: self-care to help empower people against ill health.
-Prevention: It is good to remove toxic substances from a lifestyle to prevent problems from arising.

Our body has an elaborate healing mechanism that strives to maintain and restore optimal health. This therapeutic power is an intrinsic part of our being and makes the body capable of self-healing. Adequate rest, which includes physical, physiological, mental, emotional and
sensory rest, lets the curative forces carry out the restorative and regenerative processes.
Naturopathy helps you reconnect with your innate healer and the treatment process is the way to create a conducive environment ideal for self-healing.


The word ‘yoga’ is taken from the Sanskrit word ‘yog’ which means union. The ultimate goal of yoga is to achieve union between the individual consciousness (atma) and the universal divine (paramatma). It is a practice that helps in harmonizing your body with your mind and soul with the help of ‘asanas’ and meditation.

Yoga is an art as well as science. It is a sort of activity which helps in learning physical and mental control through ordinary practice.

Yoga improves blood flow at greater level and thus vascularization is promoted. More vascularization means tissues have plenty of blood supply and this automatically leads to an increase in the production and overall maintenance of Stem cell population.

Yoga helps in healing processes by increasing the stem cell trafficking. Stem cell migration is critical in organogenesis of developing organs.
Yoga helps in lowering oxidative stress and blood pressure; enhances pulmonary and autonomic function, mood, sleep, and quality of life; and reduces medication. Increased telomerase activity and stem cells count in peripheral blood retreat participants leads to increased longevity and better quality of life at latter age.

There are 4 branches of yoga:

  • Bhakti yoga – through love and donation to the lord.
  • Karma yoga – through self-less service to others.
  • Jnana yoga – through intellect and knowledge.
  • Raja yoga – through scientific and systematic study of the external and internal body.

Styles of yoga:

  • Yama – deals with social aspects, relationship with others.
  • Niyama – more individualistic, deals with relationship with us.
  • Asana – most popular and visible, basically certain postures for
  • Pranayama – deals with breath.
  • Dharana – is about awareness and perspective, letting out thoughts
    come and go without controlling them.
  • Dhyana – means contemplation and meditation.
  • Samadhi – connecting with ultimate.


In the largest sense, yoga can be seen as a way of life, a way of living in harmony with the self and the world and a process by which practitioner can move beyond her own believed mental and physical limitations to achieve something new.
“yoga is the discipline of awareness, by which one becomes able to overcome the restlessness a movement of the materialistically inclined mind, and after dropping the ignorance and illusion of material identification and attachment. It helps us learn how to live and reconnect with and true nature.

Pranayama is main component of yoga .it is the process of regulating one’s breath, and these set of breathing exercises can re-instate our body’s rhythm and improve circulation and migration (proliferation) of cells to different parts of body.

Increased intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation during the re-oxygenation phase is associated with intermittent hypoxia (episodes of hypoxia and normoxia) which further affects cell proliferation and neuronal differentiation. 

In diabetic patients, pranayama is likely to play a major role in activating beta cells for insulin production. Hypoxic preconditioning during myocardial infarction improves the transplantation efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells and cardiac progenitor cells.

Thus, candidates with lesser stem cell population can benefit greatly by following a Naturopathic course of treatment before undergoing any regenerative therapy. This will help in re-establishing stem cells in the body and thus provide better results after the treatment.

One can increase stem cell counts by just bringing simple but really important changes like, Good diet habits, living a healthy and active life (exercises, yoga), avoiding toxic chemicals and medications (affects the stem cell development).

By Nature, our body has the ability to heal on its own and with the improvement in the field of medicine, their combination can only do wonders without any harmful effects.

Right from curing diabetes, breathing issues, problems in conceiving, old-age issues, lifestyle-related problems including PCOD and other hormonal diseases, to helping people with tumours and even cancer, naturopathy has worked wonders and it all starts with 'belief'

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