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A simple treatment that solves the problems of lack of volume in the vulva, and brings great aesthetic and functional benefits.

 It is one of the most performed aesthetic gynaecological techniques in the whole world.

Cell assisted fat grafting or filler application of the vaginal lips to volumize the vulva with very satisfactory long-term results.

Simple, fast and very effective technique, with a high index of satisfaction in the patients who get it Done.

How It Is Done

60 and 100 cc of fat is aspirated from the patient usually from the inner thighs or the abdomen. It is prepared in point of care setting for micro/nanofat along with stem cells.

Both cells and micro fat is mixed and then transplanted into the labia majora.

What To Expect

Fuller, smoother appearance gives a more youthful appearance to the external genitals and a more acceptable appearance of the entire female areas of concern.