Revita Life Sciences

Hip Osteoarthritis

Indication :


Grade 2 or 3 on the Kellgren-Lawrence scale,3 injections of  7-8 ml  LP PRP weekly.


Procedure :


8-10 ml of PRP or biological injected under fluroscpy or ulraound guidance theu antero-lateral approach


Results :


80 % of patients with hip OA experience at least 70% improvement in pain at one year


Delays the need for THA or a hip resurfacing procedure.15 % patients resort to THR by one yr


Mean walking distances improves from baseline of 370 m to  1170 m at 6 months


MRI at one year shows

Reduced subchondral edema in 50%

Maintained articular cartilage thickness in 60%

Increase in articular cartilage thickness in 10%