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G Spot Enhancement

The G-spot enhancement is a non-surgical, simple, physician-administered treatment that can create more fullness to the G spot (Grafenburg spot).

The G-Spot is located deep inside the vaginal canal near the cervix, requiring significant penetration for stimulation. The tissue is more sensitive to touch and maybe a little thicker.

This spot plays a large role in pleasure during vaginal intercourse, so enhancing its sensitivity can lead more frequent and intense orgasms.

The procedure involves increasing the sensitivity and size of the G-spot.G spot enhancement is also referred to as the G shot, G spot augmentation, or G spot amplification.

How It Is Done

First, autologous fat tissue is isolated from belly or thigh region using minimally invasive liposuction to harvest stem cells.

The stem cell-rich tissue is processed into liquified fat with stem cells called nano-fat. It is then injected into the G-spot to activate the body’s regenerative process.

The nano-fat can often be infused along with platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, for a heightened effect.

The G shot may last about 3 to 5 months and requires re-injection every 4-5 months to maintain the effect.

What To Expect

87 percent of subjects reported enhanced sexual arousal and gratification after receiving enhancement of their G-spots.

G-Spotarea will be enlarged and thickened, making sexual stimulation much easier.

Improved orgasms and increased sensitivity thus great pleasure.