End Stage Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease/End Stage Kidney Disease

Many different factors and conditions can cause CKD including:

chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) // end stage renal failure that has no cure and requires renal replacement therapy, that is, dialysis or kidney transplant.

Mesenchymal stem cell has therapeutic potential in improving renal function deficits, healing tubular injury Mesenchymal stem cells can integrate into renal tubular cells and can differentiate into mesangial cells. Moreover, these cells stimulate the kidney’s own stem cells (resident stem cells) and release growth factors which promote the survival of renal cells, thus, initiating a natural recovery. 

How it is done

Thorough evaluation with ultrasonography /CT scan and complete haematological and biochemical tests including end stage kidney scoring is done.

Under local anaesthesia 100 cc fat is aspirated. If possible approximately 150 cc of bone marrow is also aspirated from iliac crest or Tibia.

Fat and bone marrow are processed to isolate various types of stem cells (haematopoietic, mesenchymal, endothelial and very small embryonic stem cells)

In cases which are very compromised allogenic umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells is an alternative option.

These cells are injected

What to expect

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