Our Philosophy

• Autologous (patient’s own) cells taken from bone marrow
• “Prium Non Nocere”, which means “Not to harm”, as the treatment of any disease should not be more harmful than when leaving it untreated.
• No profit objective
• Unmanipulated
• Presence of platelet and growth factor rich plasma makes it more effective.
• Point of care-so no risk of contamination
• Adequate quantity of Cells per kg of body weight for clinical effect
• Polyclonal cell type in nature
• No risk of rejection
• Least side effects
• Route of administration individualised according to the disorder
• Scientificaly monitored by a strict protocol.
• Ficoll 
* not used

As per the ICMR/DCGI guidelines, these are done only as an experimental

*** Rationale :: Several published studies that have documented the positive clinical effect of delivering autologous (patient’s own) bone marrow and adipose tissue derived stromal cells. Our own results of pilot human studies are encouraging.

Based on these available data, we are currently offering a safe and similar therapeutic approach in a small group of patients with various orthopaedic ,cosmetic, neurodegenerative, Cardiac, Renal hepatic ,metabolic(Diabetes) disorders etc