Hyperbaric Oxygen

Increases Endogenous and peripheral Stem cell mobilisation/ activation/ homing and differentiation potential useful adjunct in regenerative medicine

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) is a medical treatment in which the patient is exposed to a high ambient pressure, while he inhales medically pure oxygen. Usually, only a small part of the oxygen we breathe through the lungs can be found in dissolved form in the blood plasma. A much larger part, namely about 98 % enters the red blood cells (erythrocytes) where it binds to the haemoglobin. Due to the increased external pressure generated by the chamber, we can now dissolve 20 times higher levels of oxygen in the blood, which for the patient means numerous positive effects on syndromes and mainly includes the following mechanisms of action:

• Increases Endogenous and peripheral Stem cell mobilisation// activation// homing and differentiation potential
• Anti-edema effects by vasoconstriction of arteries
• Increased white blood cell activity
• New tissue development
• Edema reduction by vasoconstriction
• Reduction in the size of gas bubbles (in case of aterial gas embolism or decompression sickness)
• Bactericidal activity on anaerobic pathogens and toxin inactivation
• Activation of fibroblast proliferation
• Promotion of collagen synthesis
• Osteoclast activation and bone neoformation
• Angiogenesis stimulation
• Activation of leukocytes and macrophages
• Size increment of the diffusion path for oxygen in the capillary (distance between cell and blood vessel) of typically 64μm to 247μm