• Neurology


    Neurological diseases are the diseases of the nervous system which involve the brain, spine, and nerves.

    To begin with it is important to understand what stem cells we are talking about and what we’re trying to achieve by using them disease conditions. For example in the world of haematology, stem cells transplants have been around for years as they can be used very effectively to replenish the bone marrow of patients who have been treated for a range of cancerous blood disorders. In this case, the idea is simple – you remove all the cells, including the malfunctioning and cancerous ones, and then rebuild the system using new unaffected stem cells. In the case of disorders of the brain this is one approach that is commonly adopted in research towards treatments:to use stem cells to replacethe neural (brain) cells that are already lost as part of disease process, such as the midbrain dopamine cells in PD.

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