• Muscular


    Muscular dystrophy is categorized as a group of one of the most catastrophic congenital birth defects provoking progressive muscular atrophies and wasting. Children with MD’s are typically succumbed to paralysis and death in their twenties from respiratory or cardiac complications. The defect is consistently observed at the age of 3-5 years from when the child has difficulty in walking and controlling the body movements. As more and more muscles are compromised children develop difficulty in breathing, talking or holding themselves in an upright position.
    The recent stem cell technology has built a new promenade for treating neuromuscular disorders like MD’s; the success rate of which is quite appreciated by experts all over. Stem cells apparently are committed to be any cells of the body. Thus, in case of muscular disorders; with proper in vivo implementation at the targeted site they can be tempted to be muscle fiber cells and also can reduce the inflammation; slowing down their further deterioration.

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